Corporate and commercial

Whether you are a large corporate, an international organisation, a local SME or a family-run business, we can help you in all types of commercial or corporate disputes. We tailor our flexible, partner-led teams to your business, ensuring you have expert support at the level you need.

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Resolving your disputes

Our experienced team invests time in getting to know your organisation – assessing your risks, evaluating the best outcome and developing a strategy aligned to your business objectives.

Protecting your brand and professional relationships is a key priority. Aware that court proceedings cost you time and resources and can jeopardise your reputation, we offer expertise in mediation, pre-action work, settlement negotiations and arbitration. At each stage, we deliver commercially focused solutions to minimise disruption to your business.

However, if your dispute does proceed, we have an excellent track record in achieving success in Court and adopt a robust, rigorous approach to help you attain your goals.


Our expertise in this area encompasses:

The lawyers met and managed what were, at times, very short deadlines and I was very impressed.

Chambers and Partners 2017


Brand Soup

AI? Oyez!

Just before Christmas, an old friend asked BrandSoup for some help with a spot of online infringement.

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Business Bites

Too big to fail? Not any more…

The defining moment of the 2008 financial crisis, when bank after bank slid towards insolvency, was when it became apparent that no company is too big to fail. The recent spate of corporate collapses, from BHS to Monarch Airlines and Toys R Us, reminds us of this truism.

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What is alternative dispute resolution?

We hear a lot in the papers about big litigation cases and acrimonious disputes that play out in court, but we don’t hear much about alternative dispute resolution (ADR)....

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Health & Safety on the farm: 7 unbelievable examples of negligence

Since 2008, the agricultural industry has experienced 269 work-related deaths. In 2016/17, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) labelled the construction industry the most dangerous for workers. However, the...

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