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The world of media and entertainment is changing rapidly. The digital revolution has created multiple platforms and possibilities, but has also increased complexity. At the same time, traditional media, such as television and print, retain their popularity but face new challenges. To help you navigate this shifting landscape, Thrings offers leading, industry-specific experience that adds real value to your business.

Key Contacts

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Graeme Fearon

Graeme Fearon


Media insight and expertise

We advise a wide variety of media businesses, from start-ups to international plcs. Whatever your size and specialism, we can help you address the technological and commercial challenges you face. We will get to know your business and its ambitions, before tailoring our service to meet your needs.

Our specialist lawyers are based in London and Bristol, both global centres of excellence in the creative industries, and have a deep understanding of the media and emerging disruptive technologies. Our team is led by the South West’s two leading specialist practitioners in the sector, and many of our lawyers have worked within media and entertainment industries. This means we talk your language and can bring a valuable perspective to your business, with commercial advice that goes beyond the technicalities of the law.


Our Commercial Team has been involved in a number of high-profile claims and cases. Highlights include:

  • negotiating satellite broadcast agreements for major sporting events, including territorial and platform-based rights carve-outs, and a ratcheting pay-per-view revenue split
  • advising the creators of novel gameshows and children’s TV shows on financing, protecting and commercialising their formats
  • drafting international syndication and publishing agreements, including work for a magazine publishing house and a world-renowned crossword compiler

  • reviewing terms and conditions of business for a developer of smartphone apps, and advising on how best to use intellectual property rights to protect their offering
  • creating recording, production and distribution agreements for a charity CD single recorded in aid of injured troops


Our expertise in this area encompasses:

  • advertising regulation and compliance
  • content distribution
  • delivery platforms
  • digital design
  • Finance
  • insurance

  • programme formats
  • registering and enforcing intellectual property rights
  • rights clearance and exploitation
  • Technology licences
  • TV and film production

Graeme Fearon ‘always considers the wider angle’.

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