Employment Law and Immigration for Businesses


Employment Law and Immigration for Businesses

The success of your business depends on your ability to recruit and retain the best people; and to minimise financial and reputational damage if employment relationships break down. Our legal advice helps you to manage employment issues, adhere to regulation and create a cohesive workforce. We also provide a broader perspective on your business, becoming a trusted extension of your team.

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Protecting your greatest asset

Our commercially-minded approach to employment law puts your employees and business objectives first, and ensures your organisation has the appropriate structure and strategy in place.

We support businesses of every size and shape – from sole traders and partnerships to regional and national charities, corporates, major multinationals and local SMEs. Our advice ranges from mergers and acquisitions to day-to-day employment issues, breaches of contract, TUPE transfers and unfair dismissal and discrimination. We also resolve complex immigration issues for employers hiring overseas talent. So, whatever the scope of your employment needs, we can support you throughout.

We will spend time getting to know you or your business so that we understand your concerns and aims, and can guide you through the complexities of employment with these in mind.

Case Studies

Business building

Thrings Employment and Immigration Team achieved a beneficial settlement for an organisation after its former employee violated the restrictive covenants in his contract.

Bank buildings

Thrings Employment and Immigration Team achieved a positive outcome for a company whose former senior executive commenced employment with a direct competitor shortly after resigning from our client’s firm.

Business office

Thrings achieved a highly favourable outcome for a company it defended against wide-ranging allegations of constructive unfair dismissal, due to discrimination and whistleblowing.


The team takes the time to discuss and understand our business, and how we like to approach matters.

Chambers and Partners


News 14 June 2018

Gig review

Plumber prevails as Supreme Court hands down landmark decision for 'gig' economy workers.

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Video surveillance and privacy in the workplace

Two recent cases before the European Court of Human Rights have highlighted the balance that needs to be struck between employees’ rights to privacy and the possible need of employers to use video surveillance in the workplace. With the effective date for GDPR approaching, this is particularly relevant for...

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Business as usual: the Court of Appeal restores burden of proof status quo for discrimination claims

Although not expressly stated in the statutory wording, it is widely accepted that the Equality Act 2010 (EQA) requires a claimant to prove facts which, on the face of...

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News 1 November 2017

Discrimination update

In a summer brimming with employment law developments we take a look at some recent key decisions in discrimination cases, including the increase to Vento Bands for personal injury...

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News 1 November 2017

Suspension – a neutral act or a repudiatory breach?

The High Court has found in a recent case, Agoreyo v London Borough of Lambeth (Agoreyo), that the suspension of a teacher was not a neutral act and amounted...

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