Mediation and advocacy

Depending on the nature of your legal needs, you may need mediation support or the assistance of a Solicitor Advocate if your case proceeds to Court. Unusually for a law firm, we have both practising mediators and Solicitor Advocates in our team, providing a clear advantage, whatever the direction of your proceedings. Two of our Partners are practising mediators with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, the leading body in the UK for mediation excellence, and our Solicitor Advocates can represent you in all civil Courts throughout England and Wales, including the High Court.

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Crafting the right resolution

Mediation is often the best option for a business seeking a swift, cost-effective resolution to a dispute. Cases can be settled in a day and provide you with greater control over the outcome.

We take a pragmatic and commercial approach to helping you avoid the expense of litigation. Drawing on our long-standing experience, we craft settlements that work for all parties but create an outcome that meets your objectives. With thorough knowledge of your circumstances, we lead you through the mediation process, ensuring you understand what is happening and why, the costs involved and the best course of action to take.

If your matter proceeds to Court, our Solicitor Advocates deliver the benefit of being part of our firm, rather than an external barrister. This means we can handle all aspects of your case and you are supported by a Solicitor Advocate who is familiar with your legal issue and will work closely with you to find a solution. By building a strong relationship with you based on trust and communication, we can achieve the best results in Court.


Our Disputes Team has been involved in a number of high-profile claims and cases. Highlights include:

  • acting for retail clients in relation to disputes with manufacturers, IT claims and utilities claims
  • advising a Partner of an architects’ firm concerning a dispute arising on the dissolution of the partnership following the death of a former Partner; further professional disputes involving injunction proceedings, claims for unpaid invoices and professional negligence
  • acting for a Partner of a Central London law firm regarding the enforceability of restraint of trade covenants following his departure from that firm

  • acting for Directors in connection with claims for breach of fiduciary duty and secret profit
  • acting for various EU credit insurers and recovery agents concerning sale of goods claims in the UK
  • acting for trustees in relation to their duties and obligations in connection with high-profile beneficiaries – recent cases include The Earl of Cardigan -v- J Moore and W Cotton HC11C02810 and W Cotton and J Moore -v- The Earl of Cardigan and Ors HC13D03789


Our expertise in this area encompasses:

  • contract and commercial claims
  • company disputes involving shareholders and Directors
  • multi-party disputes
  • partnership and LLP disputes

Rob Sear builds ‘good rapport and good sense of perspective on the case and parties and on tactics’.

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