Shareholder and investor agreements

Shareholder agreements and investor agreements can be vital to the effective operation, growth and success of your company. Putting in place a structure to deal with matters arising during your company’s lifecycle gives certainty to all parties. Our Corporate Team advises  founders and investors, including individuals and corporates, to provide bespoke, commercially-focused solutions.

Key Contacts

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Strategic and comprehensive support

We draft tailored shareholder and investor agreements, built around your needs.  At the start of a business venture it’s not unusual for parties to believe their goals are aligned. However, establishing a clear framework  will allow your business to flourish and protect you from costly and time consuming disputes at a later date.

We can advise you on shareholders’ agreements and articles of association to ensure your compliance with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) when investment is introduced. You may also need support implementing an Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme or simple option scheme to incentivise your senior management.


  • drafting investment agreements
  • drafting shareholder agreements and articles
  • advising on EIS and SEIS investments
  • drafting EMI options
  • pre-emption rights on the transfer of shares

  • drag along rights
  • tag along rights
  • issue of new shares
  • restrictive covenants
  • shareholder decision making

Case Studies

Bikes in a bike rack

Thrings’ Corporate Team advised Mango Bikes on an investment deal with two cycling retail specialists, who will work closely with the bicycle designer, manufacturer and retailer to reinforce its domestic and international growth ambitions.

Simon and the team at Thrings gave the company some great legal advice, as well as completing the deal in a short timeframe. This has been a genuinely enjoyable experience, but one that could have been very pressuring. We use Thrings for all legal aspects of the business and intend to keep working with the team as Mango Bikes continues to grow.

Ben Harrison, founder-owner of Mango Bikes


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BEIS – Clamping down on corruption

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