Data protection and privacy

Over the past few years, data protection compliance has become a major issue for businesses of all types – requiring organisations to take a proactive approach and ensure careful monitoring. Our specialist lawyers understand the range of issues involved and can help you manage data protection and avoid financial and reputational damage to your business.

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Graeme Fearon

Graeme Fearon


Preventing privacy problems

The law surrounding data protection is complex and can be difficult to apply to your unique situation. Our vast experience in this area enables us to minimise this complexity and provide you with definitive and practical guidance to reduce potential risks.

After taking time to understand your business, we work with you to identify the data you manage, how it needs to be protected, how it can be used to your commercial advantage, and how to comply with individuals’ rights of privacy. As part of this process, we examine everything you do – from cookies to databases.

With in-depth market knowledge and decades of combined legal expertise, we provide flexible but incisive advice that won’t restrict the way you operate. We can also empower your staff to manage your data effectively through a fully integrated service that includes data protection audits and in-house training, ensuring your business is best positioned to utilise data while complying with regulation.

Guide to GDPR and data protection


Our Commercial Team has been involved in a number of high-profile matters. Highlights include:

  • advising the European subsidiary of a Japanese multinational on the repatriation of customer data to Japan for the purposes of electronic invoicing
  • advising a UK courier business on the proper processing of residential delivery addresses in the Channel Islands (outside the EEA)
  • providing training to a government executive agency on its responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act

  • advising an international service provider on compliance with data subject access requests
  • advising a financial institution on the data protection consequences of engaging an outsourced service provider to digitally scan paper files
  • advising a fuel oil wholesaler on whether and how it can reveal customer personal data to residential landlords


Our expertise in this area encompasses:

  • rights and obligations under freedom of information legislation
  • transfer of data outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

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