Issues relating to children are often the most distressing and complicated part of a relationship breakdown. If you are going through a separation, we can help reduce its impact on your children and, wherever possible, guide you and your partner to an amicable resolution. We can also advise and support people indirectly involved in a separation, such as step-parents, grandparents and those with a significant relationship to the child.

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Sensitive and practical advice

Our specialist family lawyers have extensive experience handling child-related issues, and will provide considered support throughout this difficult time.   We will work closely with you to fully understand your circumstances and guide you sensitively but pragmatically at every stage of your divorce or separation. To minimise the stress we strive to reach an amicable agreement on any issues that arise, e.g. child residence, parental contact, financial support or schooling.

With expertise in all aspects of child-related matters, our specialists can negotiate considerately but constructively between all parties. To avoid additional costs and prevent further upset, we will aim to keep you and your family out of Court through negotiation, collaboration or round the table meetings. We do, however, have an excellent track record of representing our clients in Court. If this becomes necessary, we will provide you with consistent guidance to protect both your interests and those of your child.

Whichever issues arise during your proceedings, we will carefully consider the law, how it impacts your situation and what approach a Court may take if involved, to ensure that you are fully informed before making your decisions.


Our specialist family team has been involved in a number of claims and cases in this area.  Highlights include:

  • assisting a client in obtaining leave of the Court to remove her child from the jurisdiction to live in Dubai
  • assisting a client in regular contact arrangements with his child, including school holidays

  • assisting a client in obtaining a residential order in their favour
  • assisting a client in resolving child related issues involving collaborative meetings with the other party

Case Studies

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The Thrings Family Law Team, helped a father to establish a legally binding contact agreement to ensure regular contact with his children, despite resistance from his ex-wife.

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Thrings Family Law team,  helped a client achieve an agreement with their ex-partner in order to relocate their children to Europe. Background Due to an exciting job opportunity, a client sought to relocate to Europe with their children, in a …


I am indebted to you for your humanity, compassion and kindness which has come through all of your professional advice and guidance.   You have certainly made a painful and difficult life event much easier to bear, and for that I thank you.

Throughout she is incredibly supportive and immediately contactable at all times – her knowledge and wealth of experience was pervasive and coupled with a quiet but steely determination.   What I will remember most, however, is that she genuinely cared deeply about getting the right outcome for my precious children and I… and for that I will be forever grateful.

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