Family Law


Family Law

Family law is a necessary part of life. From couples to individuals and families to businesses, we all rely on this personal area of law to protect our relationships, finances and futures. If you need legal support through a difficult time or simply to put arrangements in place as a precaution, we can help you safeguard what is most important to you.

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Perhaps you would like advice on registering your civil partnership or you are getting married and thinking of setting up a pre-nuptial agreement. You might be going through a divorce or separation and need legal support as you agree a settlement, which could involve making arrangements for your children. As such a diverse area of law, a number of other issues could affect your interests, from property to business and private wealth matters.

By drawing on the vast experience of our Family Team, along with the expertise of our Property, Commercial, Agricultural and Private Wealth specialists, we can advise you through any situation, no matter how unique it is. Your needs and interests are paramount, and we will take the time to get to know you and your circumstances first, ensuring our advice is tailored to you.

It is highly likely you will have a number of decisions to make, which is why it is important you have the clarity you need to make them confidently. Our team will explain the implications of any issues, helping you plan for the future in an informed way. We will also take your budget into consideration and make sure you are clear on costs at all times.

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The team take time to look beyond the law and the process, and I feel that I am being handled not just as a client with a case number but as a person dealing with difficult and sometimes emotive issues.

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