International trade

As a business, it is important to reach out for international trade. Following the Brexit referendum, you may be considering how changes to exports, international trade tariffs, free trade agreements and the World Trade Organisation will affect your business operations and opportunities. With specialist knowledge of business and commercial law within an international context, we can provide you with legal guidance to manage changing regulation and ensure your business is able to capitalise on international trade opportunities.

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Expert, in-depth international trade advice

Your involvement in an international supply chain requires careful navigation through complex legislation, regulation and standards. Our commercially minded lawyers have advised a wide range of manufacturers and distributors on export and import, and will protect your commercial interests with pro-active, practical advice.

With experience in matters including luxury goods, perfume, bicycles, high-tech products, e-commerce operators and franchise businesses, you can be confident that whatever your specialism, the advice you receive is grounded in real knowledge and experience.

Our interactive structure also means you can draw on expertise from across the firm and outsource the full spectrum of your legal needs with lawyers committed to developing a deep understanding of your business needs.


Our expertise in this area encompasses:

  • agreements ancillary to export, such as distribution and agency
  • competition law
  • cross-border joint ventures and collaboration
  • franchising and licensing
  • INCOTERMS such as Ex Works, FOB and CIF

  • international arbitration
  • international e-commerce and fulfilment arrangements
  • marketing and reseller agreements
  • sales and carriage of goods
  • supply agreements
  • terms and conditions of sale and purchase


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