Intellectual property

Protecting and maximising the value of your intellectual property (IP) is vitally important for the health of your business. Our highly skilled team has a wealth of national and global experience, ensuring your valuable IP is not only protected today, but becomes an asset that can support and facilitate your future business endeavours.

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Graeme Fearon

Graeme Fearon


Megan Jefferies

Megan Jefferies


Intellectual property - protection, promotion, expansion

Safeguarding your IP rights through proper registration or other means, can be likened to putting a fence around a plot of land. A strong and clearly defined boundary has multiple benefits. It not only stakes your business’ claim to a particular commercial activity and establishes the facts in the event of a challenge or dispute, but it also provides clarity regarding your unique offering to prospective investors and other potential business associates. Properly defining and protecting your IP opens the door to future expansion and further opportunities.

Thrings’ specialist Commercial Team can offer you bespoke advice on both a local and international scale. We advise on all IP-related matters, including registration, licensing, sales and intellectual property disputes. We are adept and experienced at assisting our clients in rolling out their brands and technology around the world, offering risk-aware, commercially driven and future-focused advice.

You can rely on our tailored, technically excellent and cost-effective advice for help with:

  • protecting your business’ goodwill
  • commercialising your products and services
  • valuing your IP for a prospective sale
  • legal assistance for your globally expanding brand


Our Commercial Team has been involved in a number of high-profile matters.

Highlights include:

  • advising a well-known online retailer on the registration of their trade marks in all major international markets
  • conducting “freedom to use” searches on patented photographic equipment for a specialist importer and retailer
  • advising a pre-mixed drinks producer on the IP-related aspects of their worldwide expansion
  • advising the developer of an innovative data compression technology in respect of their global trade mark registrations

  • advising a UK insurance company on protecting its confidential information and retrieving unauthorised files from a former employee
  • advising an engineering firm on patent protection and licensing arrangements with a multinational distributor
  • working with a major perfume house on protecting and asserting design rights in its product packaging
  • managing international trade mark portfolios on behalf of several clients including clearance searches, applications, oppositions and appeals in the UK, EU, US, China and Australia


Our expertise in this area encompasses:

  • company name clearance
  • confidential information
  • copyright
  • data protection
  • database rights
  • designs
  • domain name queries
  • enforcement
  • exploitation
  • franchises
  • freedom of information
  • goodwill

  • intellectual property disputes
  • IP aspects of sales and acquisitions
  • IP due diligence
  • IPR audits
  • licensing
  • maintenance of IPR
  • passing off
  • patents
  • registration of rights
  • software
  • trade marks
  • valuation

Case Studies

Book sale

Thrings IP team provided copyright and intellectual property advice to the principal of a school where previously forgotten poems by author JRR Tolkien were rediscovered.


Many thanks for the professional support you have contributed! You have been efficient, clear and fast, your letters to the other party have been powerful and to the point, and it has been a pleasure working with you!

Agneta Rising, Director General of World Nuclear Association


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