Joint ventures

Joint ventures can enable your business to enter new markets and position for future growth. Our specialist lawyers have in-depth experience to help you capitalise on opportunities while minimising your risks – providing expert and commercially-focused legal advice to achieve the best outcome.

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Kevin McGuinness

Kevin McGuinness


From complex arrangements to simple agreements

Drawing on expertise from across our firm, we advise on domestic and cross-border agreements, including using overseas vehicles, and act for large corporates, entrepreneurs and other smaller entities. So whether you are establishing a joint venture through a corporate, a partnership or by contract, we can advise you on complex arrangements or simple deals, ensuring you have a robust yet flexible agreement to accommodate your needs.

As every joint venture is unique, we take time to understand your business and commercial objectives, creating solutions tailored to your needs. Indeed, our team will project manage your transaction and liaise with specialists from across our business, including tax, accounting, real estate and outsourcing, to meet all your objectives. So, whether you are forming, amending or exiting a joint venture, establishing commercial outsourcing arrangements or investing into a corporate, our clear, practical advice and strategic insight will ensure you have the best support throughout.


Our Corporate Team has been involved in a number of high-profile matters. Highlights include:

  • a joint venture to fund and build a supermarket and mixed residential development
  • a joint venture between a military intelligence company and a software company to develop a cyber safe system

  • a promotional collaboration agreement between a global white goods manufacturer and a multi-national household products manufacturer/developer
  • the UK aspects of a multi-jurisdictional joint venture for a US multi-national in the telecoms sector


  • articles of Association
  • domestic and cross-border agreements, including overseas vehicles
  • due diligence
  • forming, amending and exiting joint ventures
  • joint venture project management

  • shared services agreements
  • shareholder consent and shareholder value
  • Tax planning
  • transactional service arrangements

They were excellent – very calm under pressure, very thorough and always accessible.

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