4th August 2017

Other Stories – 4th August 2017

The US military spends almost $42m a year on Viagra…and Other Stories that caught our eye this week.

No, it isn’t just you – your favourite foods have been shrinking. The office of national statistics has confirmed that over 2,500 products have been subject to so-called ‘shrinkflation’ over the past five years, including toilet roll, sweets and juice. Many companies have maintained that changes in size haven’t affected quality, but consumers are nevertheless still paying the same price for less product. BBC News

A Syrian refugee is teaching amputees to create affordable artificial limbs with 3D-printing. Asem Hasna was inspired to help fellow amputees after meeting a woman who lost her hand in the Syrian Civil War. Since then, Hasna has worked with Refugee Open Ware, a Jordan-based organisation that invests in humanitarian innovation, to provide 3D-printing workshops, tutorials and hackathons to fellow refugees.  Wired

Justin Bieber has been banned from China in a bid to ‘purify’ arts. The Canadian popstar has been prevented from touring the country because his on- and off-stage antics have been deemed to make him unsuitable entertainment. Despite acknowledging that Bieber was “a gifted singer”, Beijing’s culture bureau explained that a previous performance he had given in the country had caused “discontent among the public”. Guardian

The US military spends almost $42m a year on Viagra. Amidst the row over Donald Trump’s plans to ban transgender people from serving in the US military, citing medical costs, it has been revealed that the military currently spends $42m on the erectile dysfunction medicine. Whilst many in the media have made light of the revelations, the reasons behind the spending are no laughing matter as the medicine is often a requirement for veterans struggling with PTSD. Quartz

Over a third of all trains arrive late. The UK’s commuters are always complaining about transport delays, and it turns out that they’re right to do so. A recent study has found that a staggering 36% of all trains arrive later than scheduled. Adding further insult to injury, the news comes as it was reported earlier this year that train fares rise by an average of 2.3% every year.  Metro

Prince Harry has secretly been playing with US band The Killers for ten years. Drummer Ronnie Vanucci revealed that the band have spent “a lot of long nights” playing music together with the prince over the course of the last decade. Having met Prince Harry after a show one day, it transpires that the band have been joined by various other members of the royal family over the years, with Vanucci describing them as “just regular dudes”. BBC News

“We are indebted to all who serve. Discrimination against anyone holds everyone back.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to Donald Trump’s surprise announcement of a ban against transgender people in the military.

“It is about how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you.”

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening announces his new animated series, Disenchantment, which will air on Netflix in 2018.

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