17th February 2017

Being Thrings – Tim Bunting, Executive (Private Property)

My role in one word: varied

Tim Bunting, Thrings

I look after the residential property requirements of our clients. This involves a large range of transactions including the usual sales and purchases of freehold and leasehold properties but also includes transfers of equity, re-mortgaging, transfers of part, assents and new build developments. It’s interesting working on so many different projects, and one of my favourite things to do is seek new business opportunities for the firm.

Why Thrings?

Thrings champions a positive culture of praise and encouragement. The partners’ respect and reassurance cascades down to the team, so the rest of us thrive and we are motivated every day. Professional development is also a key aspect of the company and we feel empowered in the process. This culture of mutual respect and ascertaining people’s individual skills is something that I value greatly – I’m thankful that I work in an organisation such as this.

What drives you?

I enjoy getting out of the office to generate work for the firm. Thrings is committed to realising the value that is gained from the differences in its staff instead of trying to fit everyone into the same box. Some people hate the idea of leaving the office to talk to strangers in order to generate business, but I love it. Through my passion for new business development, the firm has given me the freedom and support needed to give me the chance to succeed. I am actively involved in decisions – it’s great that opinions from junior lawyers are heard and acted upon.

My proudest moment…

One of the biggest challenges for me has been acting in a supervisory role for my assistant who had very little property experience when they started. Having to mentally keep track of my work as well as theirs was a challenge at the beginning. I was no longer solely in control of being able to meet deadlines and that took some time to get used to. Whilst challenging, it was hugely rewarding to help someone build their knowledge and assist them in getting to where they want to go in their career.

What scares you?

Being held back or not encouraged to rise to new challenges would make me feel really stifled in the work place. I think it’s important to work outside of your comfort zone and even though I hate to feel like I’m not in control, I’ve had valuable experiences dealing with less than ideal situations and overcoming struggles. It’s important to try something new every day.

Tim’s top tip for working in Private Property

You have to like working with people and thrive under pressure. Private Property involves a large number of clients and a lot of them don’t understand the law surrounding property. They can sometimes be overly critical without any reason to be as the stress of moving house can sometimes be pushed onto you as the lawyer. The ability to enjoy and excel through intense situations is key; you must be able to maintain a calm and personal demeanour at all times. An interest in property would also help!

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