Something big is happening that will disrupt business operations across the world, from their internal structure to their supply chains to how they will ultimately generate revenue from their customers.

This disruption is expected to bring many benefits to organisations including increased security and resilience, improved transparency, reduced transaction costs and better efficiencies across a range of current practices. The cause is a new pervasive technology called ‘blockchain’.

The mainstream arrival of blockchain will inevitably create uncertainty for your businesses. Here at Thrings we can help guide you through the technological and legal developments, ensuring that you ride the wave rather than be hit by it.

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In the same way as the internet changed the retail industry for ever, so too blockchain is changing how shipping, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and financial institutions function

Although industry experts believe that widespread adoption is still several years away, now is the time to be preparing your business for its arrival.

In addition to new laws and regulations that will affect businesses’ engagement with the technology, there will also be changes to the way your business operates from how it stores data to how it contracts with counterparties and manages supply chains. Whether you are looking to take advantage of tokenisation to raise new capital, or you want to reduce your data storage risk or even to create new and innovative business models to capture and trade value, we can help.


We have a deep and current understanding of evolving distributed ledger technology and the related regulation. Along with our partners, we are able to offer you a full suite of blockchain advisory and transactional services including:

  • Regulatory advice
  • Family, trusts, wills and probate, where blockchain is involved and need to be valued and liquidated
  • Risk and compliance relating to adoption of distributed ledger technologies
  • Smart contracts and smart legal agreements


“It is great to work with such a forward thinking firm that is genuinely at the fore front of legal development and doesn’t just talk about it. The Thrings team are very knowledgeable, personable and a great support at all times, I would highly recommend to anyone in Bristol or the South West looking to engage with digital assets to speak to Thrings.”

Erica Stanford, founder of the Crypto Curry Club