18th August 2017

Other Stories – 18th August 2017

100 year old fruit cake, international left-handers day, priests being mistaken for stag party and more in the latest Other Stories.

Earth could be due for a close encounter with an asteroid this autumn. The asteroid, which is purportedly the size of a house, is set to ‘shave’ past Earth in October at a distance of 44,000 kilometres. Astronomers have confidently reported that their estimates are accurate and mankind is not at risk.  Telegraph

International Left-Handers day celebrates the 10% of the worlds left-handed population. It’s a little-known fact that August 13th is set aside to celebrate the trials and tribulations faced by left-handed people in a right-handed world. Lefties are in good company, however, and can count the likes of Barack Obama, Prince William, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney among their peers.  Metro

Seven priests are turned away from pub after being mistaken for a stag party. Venturing out for a pint to celebrate the ordination of their colleague Father Peter McLaren, the group were promptly declined entry to the City Arms in Cardiff after door staff mistook their uniforms for comedy outfits. Sky News

100-year-old fruitcake is found in edible condition in abandoned Antarctic hut. The tasty snack, thought to date back to the ill-fated expedition of explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1911, was discovered unspoiled inside a decaying tin at a long-deserted base camp. MSN

US TV network HBO continues to be held to ransom by hackers. The cable network responsible for some of the biggest shows on television have had a hard time of it lately, with hackers reportedly leaking swathes of private data, ranging from actors’ contact details to whole episodes of popular series ahead of broadcast. Gizmodo

Pizza truck crash wreaks havoc on Arkansas motorway. Highway officials were forced to close lanes on a westbound interstate for four hours after a truck containing a delivery of frozen pizzas scraped a bridge support, causing it to shed its tasty cargo. MSN

Taylor Swift’s courtroom sketch incurs online ridicule. The American pop starlet recently made a court appearance during a successful lawsuit against a former radio DJ accused of sexual assault. However, the courtroom sketches prompted a heated discussion online with many fans suggesting they looked absolutely nothing like her.  BBC News

“We cannot play fast and loose with nuclear weapons and nuclear threats because, do you know what? A nuclear explosion doesn’t stop at national borders… The results of it go on for decades.”

Jeremy Corbyn calls for calm amidst escalating rhetoric between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

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