1st March 2019

Other Stories – 1st March

Another busy week has passed – in case you missed them here are some of the stories that caught our eye including the delivery of an onion-sized baby, Glastonbury’s bid to reduce plastic and what your profile picture reveals about your personality.

Mysterious object discovered at the distant edge of the solar system. Scientists have found the furthest known object in our solar system. Located 140 times further away from the sun than Earth, the object has been named FarFarOut. It is so far away and so hard to detect that scientists will have a hard time working out what it is or what orbit it is on. Guardian

Over a million public sector workers aren’t paid the living wage. Research carried out by The Living Wage Foundation has revealed that more than 1.2 million people are not being paid enough, including council, government, university and NHS staff. Speaking about the voluntary living wage, a spokesperson at the Foundation commented: ‘The public support this, politicians support this, the Treasury would benefit from this. It’s time for our public institutions to lead by example and join nearly 5,000 employers who pay the real living wage.’ Metro

Oxford and Cambridge are failing to increase UK student numbers. Despite spending millions on initiatives designed to improve access for disadvantaged UK students, Oxford and Cambridge are still teaching 1,000 less British students than five years ago. The statistics revealed that among the top British universities, they are almost the only ones struggling to increase domestic undergraduate numbers. The Guardian

Glastonbury Festival is banning single-use plastic bottles. For the first time in its 46-year history, single-use plastic bottles will not be sold at this year’s festival or available in catering, production and backstage areas. More than a million bottles were sold at the 2017 festival, and in a bid to encourage festival-goers to refill reusable bottles, the organisers are tripling the number of WaterAid kiosks on site. ITV

Listening to music doesn’t help you work more creatively. Every office has at least one person that spends the majority of their day with their headphones on listening to music. But a new study from Lancaster University suggests background music negatively impacts people’s ability to complete tasks that require verbal creativity. Sky News

The world’s smallest ever baby leaves hospital safely. A baby weighing the same as an onion has become the smallest newborn to ever be discharged safely from hospital. Delivered at 24 weeks and weighing just 268g, the baby boy left Keio University Hospital in Tokyo five months later happy and healthy. Evening Standard

What is your profile picture saying about you? You probably gave it a lot of thought, but perhaps not about what your choice of profile picture reveals about your personality. Extroverts gravitate towards colourful, action-packed pictures that show a connection to the world around them, while more agreeable folk go for snaps that show “social harmony and cooperation”. Mirror

An actual snake on an actual plane. A Scottish grandmother recently returned from Australia with an unwanted souvenir in the form of a python curled up in her suitcase. Luckily, the scaly stow-away was of the non-venomous variety. Sky News

Stat of the week

71% of Brits believe that companies are recording our data without consent via personal devices like phones and laptops. In a bid to avoid the spies, four in ten Brits reported that they cover up their computer webcam with tape. YouGov


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