17th February 2017

Being Thrings – Robyn Rumble, Trainee

My role in one word: Varied!

Robyn Rumble, Thrings Trainee

I support the team on all sorts of matters, which means I work with different fee earners, clients, cases and areas of commercial property. I might start the day drafting licences and deeds of variation, and end it carrying out filings at the Land Registry or enacting due diligence on secured lending matters. It’s a steep learning curve, but that’s why I love it and I know that everything I’m learning now will be invaluable to my career.

Why Thrings?

Thrings offers the perfect balance of challenge and support. I am encouraged to push myself, but at the same time everyone is friendly and willing to help when I need support. There is a great sense of team spirit here.

What the most exciting way you’ve started your day at Thrings?

The most exciting way was hosting at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with clients and other professionals and it was amazing to see the hot air balloons ‘dance’ during the Night Glow and go up during the Morning Ascent.

What drives you?

I’m constantly inspired by the high quality of work we deliver and the solid relationships that we have with our clients. Working closely with senior fee earners also gives me invaluable exposure to complex areas of law, and seeing them in action is great for my own development. No two days are the same, and I love the variety and fast pace of what we do.

My proudest moment…

During my time in the Company Commercial Team, I worked on two large share and businesses sales. I had a significant role to play in the due diligence on these transactions, and I saw the sales through from conception to completion.

The hard work and long hours were completely worth it, and we celebrated in style with the client over a glass of champagne!

What scares you?

As a trainee, we have the opportunity to work across our offices. Moving to London from the West Country was a bit of a culture shock at first and getting to grips with an area of law that I was totally unfamiliar with, but every office I’ve worked in has been welcoming and friendly. I’m having a great time and it’s satisfying to know I am challenging myself with new experiences.

Robyn’s top tip for aspiring solicitors

Simply – go for it! It’s rewarding, intellectually challenging and a great area in which to develop a long-term career.

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